Skatepark designs The most important part of a modern skatepark is a well thought out design. However, it is not uncommon to see badly planned and subsequently deserted skateparks that skaters are simply not interested in. Unlike other manufacturers, we know our target group and have the necessary professionalism to attend to their needs and requests. We are well connected to the skating scene and have been planning and building skateparks for 12 years that skaters always find fun and challenging. Individualised planning enables us to customise our products to suit specific locations, while also ensuring that they meet all the necessary safety standards.
What makes a great skatepark? To build a skatepark that challenges advanced skateboarders – but doesn’t overwhelm beginners – you need a well thought out plan for the various park elements. Every park should consist of one central element and at least two launch ramps. Obstacles like funboxes or pyramids are ideal central elements, as they can be approached on both sides. Launch elements like a quarter pipe or launch ramp give skaters the necessary speed to reach the central element. In addition to the classic set-up described above, smaller elements such as rails and curbs provide variety and can increase the value of the park enormously for users. No matter whether you’re planning a complex skatepark or a cleverly designed extension – we will gladly help you develop the perfect design for your project.
How do I get started? In addition to our comprehensive check list for planning and building skateparks, here are the most important points to take into consideration when you’re getting started:

  • What financial resources do I have?
  • What are the skaters’ needs? How can I find out? (needs assessment)
  • Where would I like to build and what are my requirements? (site assessment)

The answers to these questions will be used to create a preliminary draft that is reviewed to ensure compliance with all the relevant standards. A detailed plan of the skatepark can then be drawn up.

  Here are some sample designs you can use for inspiration while planning the perfect skatepark to suit your budget:

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