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  • 25 Years warranty

    Only FUN SKATE buyers get a 25-year warranty for the metal frames against rust perforation!

  • 10 Years warranty

    FUN SKATE uses the perfect surface for skate ramps! Therefore we give you a 10 year warranty for the skate surface!

  • Perfect noise insulation

    FUN SKATE uses a rubber mate as a layer between the surface plates. A second rubber mate is between the skate ramps and the bottom!

FUN SKATE is the founder of complete assambled frames for the skate ramps.
This means that the delivered parts of the ramps has already the surface assambled
on the metal frame. This is worldwide unique!

Our passion is since 15 years unbroken in the designing, developing and the construction of skateparks.

With this experience we are the right partner for your new skatepark project.

FUN SKATE ramps inspire all kinds of athletes and meet the most diverse demands.

From many years of experience, we also know what is important for plant operators and know the requirements exactly.

Our customers include Municipalities, commercial operators, construction companies, landscaping, sports and playround companies.

FUN SKATE ramps are characterized by high quality materials. That makes them particularly safe and solid.

Fast assembling with new technology!


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